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Amine Gas Treating Plant

Natural Gas Treating & Processing Services

We specialize in the leasing and sale of amine treating plants of all sizes, as well as other gas processing equipment. TransTex is located in Houston, TX and has equipment operating across the Southern and Northeastern United States. We have a vast inventory of gas treating and processing, and production equipment for all types of projects.

Amine Plants

TransTex has amine treating plants of all sizes that are of the highest quality and ready for install at a moment’s notice. All our amine plants are thoroughly tested for integrity and maximum… Read more

H2S Scavengers

TransTex specializes in H2S scavengers in addition to amine treating. H2S scavengers can be a quick and economical solution to removing H2S from from your gas stream. In cases where… Read More

JT Plants

TransTex has a fleet of JT plants of various sizes that are readily available and skid mounted for quick installation and produce an immediate processing upgrade. Our processing plants can… Read More

Refrigeration Plants

TransTex has deep cut refrigeration plants both small and large capable of recovering valuable liquids to increase profits. Simply provide us with a gas analysis and your design… Read More

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